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Question ADZ files won't run (while ZIP ones do!)

Ok, while I'm not exactly /new/ to either the emul scene in general or the Amiga in particular, I figured my issue here is kinda too dumb and basic to post it elsewhere (although I swear I have checked both the board here and Googled a bit as well, to no avail).
Now I'm in fact expecting to feel quite ashamed once somebody on the board will most likely come up with the over-obvious answer to it , so here is:

I've recently reinstalled WinUAE (v1.6.0) on a brand new laptop (Intel Core2Duo, alas! running under Vista) and, just as my post title suggests, I can't seem to make any ADZ file to start! Which is weird as hell since WinUAE supports them natively, right?!

Now, for what I've already checked so far in trying to fix this:
- Renaming any of my ADZ files with a ZIP extension instead will fix the problem and let WinUAE load the disk image perfectly. So the problem is definitely with the extension not being recognized or sth...
- Clicked "Associate All" button under the "Priority & Extension" section to ensure that all related formats including adz were well registered to belong to WinUAE. (One strange thing though is that neither ADF nor ADZ files will get the WinUAE icon, although I verified that they are associated with the emulator all right)

Now, anyone please step forward and point out exactly what stupid obvious detail I might just have overlooked...!
Thx in advance as always.
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