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Originally Posted by hitchhikr View Post
That (popular) thread as well as some others (like the ones about the exclusive Atari ST games) still makes me wonder.
I assume they don't appear around here without good reasons and that some people still genuinely wish that all these games would appear on Amiga someday

You know, for a while i toyed with the idea of doing/porting games to the Amiga (500 or cd32) like modern ones in form of "demakes" or porting older arcade games and see if i could do better then Tiertex & co. with much more modern tools and faster computers at my disposal and all that (i even made a specific mame version for that) but after weighting the pros and cons i wondered: why bother ?
If i wanted to do games i could do that on less restrictive platforms which would have much bigger audience, why force players to fire up these antic machines or use winuae (most probably) to play a game that would look better, sound better and surely would have better playing controls on newer platforms without much efforts ?

What would make a game better being played on an Amiga rather than on a PC or a console ?
For some people it's a case of 'it could and should have been done' nothing more. To prove a point.

Sure you could write Salamander or Gradius very well on your average PC of today....and the point is? You would show hardly any talent doing that!

Now if someone sat down and created/transferred all the graphics from say Gradius/Nemesis or even better say Gauntlet 1 or 2 and then wrote code that made it near as dammit identical to the original arcade machine that would show...

1. You have extreme talent at converting to similar hardware.
2. Most arcade conversions to the Amiga were pretty dire due to some really sloppy coding (Gauntlet being a perfect example of a stinking turd on a disk)

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