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Originally Posted by seuden View Post
I can't see the Wii ever being able to exceed the capabilities of the Xbox by much. The hardware is very similar afaik so it won't be able to emulate newer machines than the Xbox can (maybe the Saturn) and I can't ever see it being able to playback hd either. I hope I'm wrong, it'll be nice to mod my Wii in the same way I have my Xbox. If someone or a team of people manage to mod the 360 or PS3 so we can gain full control of the systems hardware then we'll definitely have something awesome on our hands.

EDIT: On topic, that handheld system looks nice. Especially for the price.
Beta testing an Atari 7800 emulator on the Wii at the moment, and that has light gun emulation using the wiimote, excellent stuff for LCD/Plasma tv users, I don't think it will replace my trusty xbox though, emulation at 1080p is great.

As for this new hand held, I am tempted, but will wait until it is a bit more "open" so I can use some emulators that actually interest me
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