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TimScampi wants to get back to Amiga !

Hello all

Well, when I was young (Likle from 0 to 6-7 years old.) my father had an A500. I remember playing all kind of games like Operation Stealth, Cruise for a cadaver, Crystals of Arborea, ... and messing around with all the programs he had.

Now I'm almost 18 (In a few days) and I miss this great system. My father sold it when we had our first PC.
So, almost two years ago, I felt I had to return to nthe Amiga; I looked up on Google and saw a great community of users still on the Amiga. I installed WinUAE and spend many nights playing my classics on it. And then, my Amiga-fever passed away.
But, like a month ago, I saw an old Amiga 500 on a garage sale, but unfortunatly, it was in a very bad state and I had no money...
I'm now planning to buy an A1200 to mess around with a REAL Amiga (WinUAE is not enough ^^)
So, I decided to come here mainly to get informations and ask questions.
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