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shipping over the pond is expensive

A500+ PAL, Scandanavian/Dutch keyboard (and maybe .de too. weird enter key shape) model $110
A500+ NTSC, $60 (because it was from a couple states over)
A4000, $384 2 MB chip RAM, 16 MB fast, 540 MB IDE Hard Drive, AmTrade HD-357 floppy drive, Mobo rev. B, Kickstart 3.0 [2x ISA slot + 1x Extended Video Slot] and really cool "Highflyer" case!
A570 (CDTV for Amiga 500), $130 :-O
games: about $1000... so far. u can download stuff too but um...
those are the things worth mention anyway. I also have PAL A520 and NTSC. They are worth Amiga mention. As is the external floppy drive that actually still works and reads discs.

A1000 $5* uneven trade done with dishonest going out of business Amiga store back in 1994. they gave me it and very little money for my A500 with a 50 MB HDD. $70 + the A1000

Commodore 1960 monitor! $140

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