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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I dunno if I'd noticed the PSP D-pad was poor. Possibly because most emulators support the Analog stick as the D-Pad? Possibly because it doesn't bother me.
Well, I tried a PSP and a GP2x and decided the GP2x was better for emus, even though GP2x could have had a normal +.

That was years ago tho, and even if I enjoy my GP2x there's the Wiz and this (Retro something, the goddamn thing needs a name) and Pandora (whenever they feel like making a couple more of them suckers so people can buy them).

'It runs emus'. lol. specs and emu dev status please. Either the PSP devs are flocking to this thing, or it's 100% PSP compatible, or it's starting at square one.
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