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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Startup-sequence... you gotta love it
Btw : There was this other thread... oh nevermind
I once tried to find a simple startup-sequence in Linux, to check where it launches all the stuff it tells you about during boot-up. Impossible. Only the amiga makes startup configuration that easy.

More AmigaOS only features unbeaten to this day:

- datatype.library: built-in datatype handling that doesn't rely solely on filename extensions but can rely on binary data, e.g. the file-headers! This is a BIGGIE imo. And AFAIK no modern system does this right compared to Amiga. Closest might be mime but it only uses extensions - useless. How has this been missed over the years.

- locale.library: built-in localization support through simple .catalog files. This is also HUGE. It baffles me how modern OSs still require you to download a whole new executable if you just want a different language. On the Amiga, it also allows anybody to translate programs, simply by editing the catalog file!

- system default filenames, directories and extensions that make more sense than anywhere else: .library for library, "utilities/" for utilities, etc. Granted, c and s are not so intuitive but still, for example Linux is so much more horrible here "etc, bin, opt, sbin, usr..." directory structure is a complete nightmare. .so for library? On windows, .dll for library? Why oh why?

- MUI: Completely customizable toolkit. This is so much more than the simple skinning you find on modern systems. I think this is the only toolkit that allows such easy and complete customization, where every user can change every little detail of the GUI experience using simple control panels, on a _program by program_ basis even.

- amigaguide.library: ...
... where shall I stop...
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