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Originally Posted by Rabbit80 View Post
Nope - You can get 8600GT cards in PCI form -
That suprised me, never tought new gfx card models would be made for pci slot. And if the spec could be attained via pci, maybe you mean pcie .. Nope on web page it says 'Bus Standard PCI'

? was the 8600GT produced around 2007 ? not so long ago then

(start of nvidia vs ati - there's a first time for everyone)
Nvidia cards are crap, ati really is the better option. Took me years to realise after buying many nvidia cards. Then after buying just one ati gfx card everything changed for the better. No more nvidia type driver and software problems, they they never haved fixed even after admitting to all was core code problems. Ati again as hardly any nvidia cards are fanless, fanless prefered for quiet pc.
(end of nvidia vs ati)
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