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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
Apparently a RISC OS version of Fire And Ice was released. I'd love to see this in action, but it seems almost impossible atm. No online places which sell it, no game demo to be found, and no videos to show off the gameplay. Balls!

Let's hope this gets rescued soon. A review of it on Acorn Gaming mentioned something about it being copy protected, if that's important to know.
It's much like the Amiga version, but with broken music, no copperbars (although there is a little parallax at night) and completely broken protection which doesn't work properly on most machines. It was released alarmingly late (1995, after Renegade were bought by Warner), which makes me think it's a beta that got released by mistake.

CJE micro's have a few copies for 4, though there's no emulator that will run it at present (even Arculator WIP won't get past the protection). I could send ADFs, but you'd be unable to get past level 3.
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