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I remember Damocles having lots of real life references...
Taken from Wikipedia, to avoid me having to think too much

Damocles contains many real-world references, particularly drawn from the UK in the 1980s. For example: the president of the planet Eris is named Margaret, after Margaret Thatcher (British Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990); and there is a bank called Lawson Bank, after Nigel Lawson (British chancellor of the exchequer from 1983 to 1989; though a real Lawson Bank does exist). Some of the references are more elusive; for example, several stores are called "GUM Stores", after the real Russian Gosudarstvennyj Universalnyj Magazin department stores.
The villain of this game is a character who appeared in Mercenary: PC BIL, short for the Palyars Commander's Brother-In-Law OR Personal Computer Bil - after Bill Gates.

The computer assistant/servant in all Mercenary games was Benson. This is the name of the lead character in the TV show BENSON 1979 - 1986. Benson was the head of household affairs for scatterbrained and widowed Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), and his daughter Katie (Missy Gold).
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