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The question is that people should ask, do they feel Cloanto is gaining $ from the Amiga in the right or wrong way.

Cloanto could tell us if for the main coded software they use with their gui's. Do the code developers get any royalties from Cloanto profiteering of others code.

I do dislike it when a company uses that code directly to profit from it. While some companies do it the correct way. Sell the gui and own developed tools. If need to extened the software the user then has to visit a developer home site for the software to enhance the gui software they have bought license for.

If was me i would right in the terms for not to happen, or if not posible as these agreements tend to be badly written. Make the code copyrighted and and do it via donation. Donate any ammount say a $1 for example, and you get to use the software for life, and all its updates. Problem here is the code that is used, is coded up from other free software. Maybe the source softwares agree to have a donation $1 or less thing 1cent even. That way these developers stick their finger back up at the companies. So they can not profit from their hard work. Then companies such as Cloanto would then have pay for the right to use the code in their gui, or maybe not at all.
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