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Nujack, thanks for letting us know about your game! Sorry it's taken me this long to add it to the list, but it is there now

As for Mr. Beanbag, I didn't add it to the list for a few reasons. First, it seems like Mr. Beanbag is an abandoned project. There have not been any updates on the website in over a year, and Tricky has not been on any of the Amiga forums. I fear she may not be interested in Amigas anymore. Secondly, Tricky didn't seem to want help from anyone with Mr. Beanbag. A few people offered to help her with things like ingame graphics, animated intros, publishing and distribution, but she didn't seem to want to accept any help offered. I really hope she hasn't given up, but there's really nothing I can do as no one is able to contact Tricky anymore.

MattBarton.exe, thank you for your email. I'm sorry we haven't got back to you yet, we're still trying to sort a few things out. Thanks for passing the word on to Armchair Arcade!

For everyone else, I've updated the first post with two new games.
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