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Try setting "Bilinear" to "No filter" and set "Horizontal size" and "Vertical size" to get a proper aspect ratio (needs some testing to get it correct, on 800x600 i've tested it to be -12 and -6).

Then your horrible blurry horrible looking screen should at least look the same as the directx one

Even with the correct settings I prefer the DirectX display too, as it runs more (totally) smooth with 50hz screens (created with Powerstrip, b.t.w).

The scanlines % option in OpenGL is very nice though. Only 'interlaced' screens are handled incorrect, as they also displays the scanlines... but that's probably one of the reasons why Toni said OpenGL stuff is experimental

Anyhow, I wish the same functionality with regards to % scanlines would be added on the DirectX display too (with correct interlace handling that is), as it can be set to look better than the current scanlines option with DirectX...
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