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Lemon Curry ?

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1x Sony PlayStation (SCPH-1002) with Stealth mod.
1x Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-30004) with DMS3 mod, 200Gb HDD and HDLoader 0.8c booting from MC.
1x Microsoft XBOX v1.1 with X3 CE mod and 750Gb HDD.
1x Microsoft XBOX 360 v3 (Falcon mobo), 20Gb HDD, Hitachi 0079FL iX1.51.
2x Commodore Amiga 1200, FPU, 8Mb Fast, 4Gb CF HDD and a buttload of WHD games.
1x AMD 3400+

Oh and an old PSU for my late C64.
I gotta get a C64 one of these days for old times sake.
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