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Almost 1,000 000 points in Track and Field, seven or eight rounds in Mat Mania (MAME)
Playing Renegade and Target:Renegade many hours in a row (dont remember, eight, nine, maybe ten rounds, maybe more), many seasons (eight, ten, twelve, dont remember) without a loss in a row in Multiplayer Soccer Manager (ZX Spectrum)
Becomig european champions (3x or 4x) and world champions (3x or 4x) with icelandic national team in swos (career mode) with one allowed save in qualification round and with one save in final round, completing SF2 with all characters, becoming world champion in TV Sports:Boxing many times, finishing SOTB 3 (my first Amiga game), finishing Speedball 2 (Amiga)
Finishing Prince of Persia for the first time, GP 2 track records (PC)
I will check my lists (I have lists!) at home and post more accurate points/records results.

And Jumping Jack !
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