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Far too much for a small house !

CD32 with Floppy add-on
C64 Breadbin with 1541 MkII, Retro replay and X1541 cable ( Fantastic set-up, my pride & joy ! )
Spectrum 48K Rubber
Spectrum 48K Plastic
Spectrum 128+2b
Atari 65XE with SIO2PC cable
Viper Chipped Gamecube
Chipped PS2
Wii with Homebrew channel
Chipped Xbox
Atari 2600 woody
Sega master system 2
5 Laptops
1 old Athlon Tower PC
G5 Power Mac
ASUS EEEPC ( 7 inch )
Couple of Gameboy Advances
Nintendo DS

My Favs are the C64 & CD32

I Find playing on emulators boooorrriiinnngggg !!

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