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Originally Posted by BuZz View Post
What reason do you think ?

Any Amiga can play mp3 if you have "additional hardware". An 030 can play mp3 at quarter quality in mono or something. only an 060 can play mp3 at full quality (if you have a soundcard).

I didn't actually have the Amiga in mind when I made this feature. It started as a way for me to listen to the tunes away from home type thing.

all "decent" media player software for windows/linux/osx supports ogg.

Oh and even if you did need a plugin, it is "one" plugin. as opposed to the multitude of players/plugins you would need to play all the tunes you can now listen to as ogg.
I didn't mean the amiga capabilities here, I was talking about the PC.... every player I have, as default doesn't support ogg, it needs a plugin to play ogg..... mp3 ftw.
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