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Jussi T.
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I've also Uae user although...

I've not been using it because i've not had good modem connection to take such good files to use..and also because i've been looking people who really could Help with taking that system for top using..
Yes i know that there is aminet where can be found programs and stuff but i've not liked to wait how those pages turns to be unreachable..
But now I have ADSl in my Win/Amd machine and now i'm hoping that you who use it hard or even for a hobby put me some programs which i should instantly load.I've tried to unpack files in it but they just vanishes when i'm thinking to unpack them (so maybe it's just my so clever mind's fault..putting files every where and so deep hole to not be found before next decade...ah well..
Feel free also send those directly if you choose not to make this forum grow grow and groooow...
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