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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
They have found a loop hole, and they are using it to sell roms. Roms modified by two bytes that is.
If you're thinking of the 'stubstantial change' defense in Copyright Law, then no, not even close.
Modifying 2 bytes of a 524,288 byte file doesn't not count as a substantial.

Besides, not all the ROMs are modified. (IIRC, it's only 3.1)

There must be a paper trail proving that Cloanto don't or do have rights to sell the amiga modified roms.
Yes, and all that's needed is 2 copies of a contract. 1 copy at Amigas office, the other at Cloantos.
No need for any of it to be publicly available.

Besides how the heck are they able to sell the roms modified.
Like I said before,Because they were told to by Amiga !

Now that must have a paper trail if legal. Yet no such paper trail has surfaced, or not been found. Which make me think Cloanto is on the fiddle.
So you couldn't find it on this newfangled interwebs.
It could also mean one of two things.
A. You didn't search hard enough.
B. That information is private (as are most contracts between 2 private companies)

When did you last hear of Cloanto prosecuting anyone for selling or giving away illegaly their amiga version modified 2 byte roms.
When did you last hear of Amiga prosecuting Cloanto for doing the same ?

Don't you think it odd that Amiga haven't once complained about Cloanto if they were unlicensed?
Just look at all the FUD they spread about MorphOS, the nastygrams to, suing Hyperion, suing their ex-boss Garry Hare etc. If McBill felt wronged, he wouldn't sit by silently for years, especially since Amiga Forever is advertised and sold as fully licensed and legal.
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