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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

If I am not mistaken, the term "Own" refers to any licensed copy in the UK,

one thing that completely shocked me when I took up the law module is the part about contract law in the UK...

just because something is stated in the contract does not make it legal, and this includes any denial of statutory rights, as stated above.

in the course of the module we took apart a contracty by a leading mobile phone company and it was proven to shown atleast 4 direct infringments on statutory rights, i was completely shocked.

still am infact. I suppose the best thng to know is that LAW is about imterpertation and its implementations against a given statute. There will always be greay areas, and this is the domain of the lawyer...

hmmm perhaps I should talk with CFOU about changing my job and skill sets
Unfair terms in consumer contracts regulations is how we in the UK are getting our charges/PPI back.
I agree with you, just because a contract says something does not mean it can be above common law.
Try and find who owns the current copyright on Kickstart 3.0 for me, I could never find it.
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