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Originally posted by Quickbeam
Is it fair to say that any upgrade from the OCS chipset, such as the Fatter Agnus, is an 'ECS' chip? Or is it best termed an upgraded OCS chip, since it has only 512k RAM?

If I remember rightly, one of the features of the Fatter Agnus 'upgrade' was the ability to switch between 50 and 60 Hz, so you could 'stretch' NTSC games to fill the PAL screen, using a scan-lines type effect. I don't think the OCS chip could do this.
1. It depends on what you call the Fatter Agnus. If you mean the ECS Agnus, then it was 1 meg of chip, not 512k. I will call this chip the ECS Agnus since there are so many conflicting accounts of the actual name. When we upgraded ours back then, the dealer told us it was the Fatter Agnus and CBM also referred to it as this when we spoke with their technical support people.

2. When the PAL and NTSC switching was introduced in the ECS Agnus, it allowed you to boot in these modes, but it never "stretched" the NTSC display that I am aware of (unless it did this on European machines). Here in the States, the old PAL games were shifted down under the overscan area at the bottom of the screen. After the upgrade, we were able to use PAL booters to shift it back up to the normal 256/512 lines display (as well as the timing problem being fixed).
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