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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
After you upload you're suppose to download the *.torrent file from that torrent, select the files you want to seed and run it.

But upload what Shoon?

Let's see:

I'm using utorrent.

1. Ctrl+N to create a new torrent
2. Selected the folder to put the files on it
3. Put

on the tracker field
4. Save
5. Uploaded the .torrent to the using the upload button and made all the necessary fill of info.
6. Send, then it gave me another .torrent file with my PID and saved it with on my computer
7. clicked on new .torrent file. OK now tracker is accepting my files but I pass from seeder to leecher?

I've posted a torrent to Demonoid once and everything worked well so I assume that i've made something wrong in this one.

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