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Kick Off 2 - UK Championships - 10th October 2009

Birmingham was extremely proud to have hosted the very memorable UKC '08, Birmingham and the surrounding area remains the centre of much KO2 action, and with Birmingham being home to the reigning UK Champion (Jon G), we just had to do it again!

As with before, we'l be hiring out a conference room for about 20 people and just outside the room will be a TV showing football scores as they happen along with live Premiership football.

Drinks and snacks will be readily available and with a McDonalds, Sainsburys and Pub all within walking distance, you will never be more satisfied.

With game prices showing no signs of relenting and multi player reduced to a lonely affair over hyperspace, this is your chance to relive your youth and experience all the laughter and excitement exactly like it used to be. Keep it old skool, keep it Kick Off 2.

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