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Games-Coffer Update

Hi all,

Just to let you know I have updated my site with the following:

11 AMIGA GAMES ADDED. They are as follows: Air Fight, Blip N Blop, Bloodfest, Crystal Skull, Death Angel, Elevation, Gringos, GroWorm, Intrepid, Liberator and Super Chicken Run.

28 AMIGA DISKMAGS ADDED. Amoszine #1, PVFC #1, Total Irrelevance 2 and 3, ZAM Issues 1-3, and LSD Grapvine Issues 1-21.

10 AMIGA SLIDESHOWS ADDED. They are: Big Girls, Bodyshop, Bodyshop 2, Capri, ECC 1993, Manga Babes, Nudes, Saturne, Star Trek, Yellow Grey.

2 AMIGA REVIEWS ADDED. They are Cannon Fodder 2 and Roadkill.

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