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Back to Amiga!

Hi All,

Excellent community here!
Reading these posts brings back a ton of memories.

Back in the day I used to run a multi-line BBS for the Amiga and Atari ST called: 'Dark City of Fear'.

I was shocked to find some information online about it!!:

My handle back then was "Dr. DeatH".

I used to deal with alot of the groups back then (both Amiga and ST) but it's been soooooo long I forget many of the names

Sadly, I sold off my Amiga and ST (along with the TON of disks I had) many, many years ago. How I wish I would not have done that!

However recently I've gotten into WinUae and WHDLoad (registered) and am having lots of fun with this stuff again.

I am a big RPG fan and playing games like 'Black Crypt', etc on the Amiga is awesome.

It's funny when I ran the BBS I had everything for the Amiga and ST but had no time to play it. Now I really appreciate actually playing the stuff after all of these years
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