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Got a week? Good!
I owned a C64, followed by an A500, back in the _day. And I
suppose we can
all understand why there are large communities like this; the
Amiga is a great machine.

Of course, that was when I, as the song goes, wore a younger mans
clothes. I think the Amiga has a tad more special place than the C64
as there were probably fewer owners of the former than the latter (I
may be wrong!)--also, the Amiga was a whole 'nother generation up
from the C64 in terms of scope. (Not to mention IBM.)

So, how do you encapsulate an age? Well, they'll never be another like
it, will there boys and girls?

That long-ago time seems almost [a really small almost] like the
baby days of the 90's internet when there was a spirit of
building and discovering--not one of scams and
spam and China-Google and hacking into your bank account and so on.

I owned mine for only about three years before my disk drive started
making noises and the monitor finally gave out. If I'd been wiser,
I would have kept everything and repaired it later; as it was, I had just
lost a job, had to move, and I
trashed it--it didn't seem important. In this department, I get low
marks for looking into the future. Now everything I play is
emulated, and if my job as quality checker in a plastic
factory weren't on such a knifes edge, I'd buy--hmm--probably
--a 1200--then again, maybe I'd
go with a '500, like I had before.

I have, like most of you, a few of those memory-lane
moments of playing some great games--I still get a kick out
of Monkey Island or Zool, or--
actually there are so many, it's an embarrassment of riches
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