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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Just going through the LSD Grapevine diskmags now, all 21 of them, and I'm checking through member names from the diskmags with the other two groups to clarify that the groups did not merge

Nah! I'm pretty sure they weren't either. Nice to have that confirmation under the belt though, especially one of there X members.

Are you still in touch with Pazza 'cause if you are, give him my regards on my favourite diskmags on the Amiga and regards to yourself for making this diskmag so successful too

If you have any other info you would like to share, please do, I'm all ears

Not spoken to Paz since 1992. Looked for him on the web though. Last traces I saw of him was a message he wrote to some wannabes who tried to start up a new grapevine magazine. he wasnt impressed.

last i heard he dropped out of the whole computer scene and settled down.


Thanks for the welcome. Yes same group but im afraid to say i was never that useful when i was involved. I was but a humble mail-trader, lol.

jiffy bags blathered in tape, with clear tape over the stamps so the postal stamp could be wiped clean and re-used... ah them was the days...
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