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Two birds

First, I've been on the Lemon Amiga site for a while and I joined here as a more complete(?) easier way to find info on Commodore stuff--such as Amiga Gamebase, for one thing.
But I digress--
Yes, I got an email the other day on the Cloanto C64 frontend, and no, I haven't bought it--at least not yet.
The thing I like about the Amiga Forever is that everything's in one package: it became easy to install Amikit, for one thing.
As far as the working part of the emulator, I don't care that much for the AmigaForever. The fontend I like the mostest, is Lemon's LemonAid; unfortunately, it's no longer supported--too bad.
Well then.
Nice to get that off my chest.
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