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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
but imho it's not up there with the other games on your list and I personally don't see what it's doing there, since it by no means broke any new grounds or set any new standards, but it is indeed a well made and fun game, regardless of platform and I like it as much as the next guy, just my 2 cents
That's more or less why it's on there--just a fun game that happens to be one of my favorites, and a lot of people requested it. I think people get tired of hearing about the same classics all the time, so throwing in something that doesn't usually make the list can be nice for a change.

I've been tempted to do Alien Fires just because it's a game I loved as a kid that everybody else seems to hate.

I'm thinking about doing Scorched Earth next. I definitely put some hours into that. Only problem is that it's hard to say which of those artillery games was the most many...The genre literally goes all the way back to the first computers - many of which were designed precisely to calculate for real-life artillery range tables. But I'd say probably the biggest two I know about are Scorched Earth and Worms, with lots of lesser known gems in there like Artillerus, Scorched Tanks, and even arguably the ol' Weather War (Koronus) and Gravity Wars. I wrote an article about them back in the day:

Then again, I've gotten lots of requests for Legacy of the Ancients, so might have to tackle it. Good thing about this show is I'll never run out of games to talk about!
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