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Originally Posted by mattbarton.exe View Post
Wow! I'm sorry guys, didn't realize it was confusing. However, I have added to the description so hopefully it is clear now. I guess Tomator must have been at work confusing the lost Amigans!
Matt, the info was good as it was , and not confusing at all for most people, except "special" ones like me :P. I mean, there actually was no info in the text about what version you recorded, but ofc using common sense it could be the snes version (still no proof anywhere). I just wanted to prove to Shoonay that what version it is in the video is not mentioned.... but he just keeps saying it's in the info :P.. meh, silly Shoonay (or Sogay like we like to call him.).

Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
@IC: Well, for me it was enough, and funny, because it appeared it was the version I thought it was...
Great work at taking the bait, btw!

@matt: don't worry about it Matt, IC is always confused about everything
He's our "special" friend
You know I like to debate/argue like this , especially when I know I'm right :P, so bait or not, you got pwnd by my awesome logic.. and stuff...

Yeah, I'm special as my brain is so incredible complex, making me not think like normal people..... I can interpret stuff in many ways cuz of my complex thinking :P. I like to think that I'm the one who sees the world for what it is, sort of like in the Matrix... while the rest are blind and one-way-minded
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