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Originally Posted by Shoonay View Post
You must read between the lines.
For instance, when something is written IN THE VIDEO'S DESCRIPTION BOX, it probably means it describes THE VIDEO THAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY WATCHING.

But I know, it's too hard to understand, so let me translate that:

"(THIS IS A VIDEO ABOUT) The Lost Vikings ((released in the year) 1993, (made by) Silicon & Synapse) (which) is one of my favorite games for the Super Nintendo, but I first played it on my Commodore Amiga."

Doesn't relly matter how much you clearify.... a game can exist on tons of consoles and just because someone's fav game on snes happens to be TLV, doesn't mean he recorded that version.... he didn't say he liked the snes version the most, only that among the games he have played for snes, the lost vikings were one of the best ones... an example: my fav game on the c64 is batman the movie.... but if I recorded a movie, I would record the amiga version as I like that one the most.

So really, give it up, Shoonay. There were not enough info in his comment that said what version he recorded...
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