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Originally Posted by sjakie43 View Post
For exampl:

Edit Database for sorting Demo/Intro/Slideshow/Trackmo etc etc.
Edit Database for sorting Party's/Entries
Edit Database for Groups/Year

Sorting out the NON working Demos.
And lots of other info.

For the Time being i've continued configging demos(8100).

The thing that comes to mind is,Is it possible to work on this
Database simultaniously>?>I mean >can WE do things(jobs)
at the same time and then merge the MDB'S?
Groups, year, party release/result are pretty cut and dry. I imagine most of the information can be looked up on (or some other site). Type is a little more subjective. A demo that is one file loaded all at once sounds like an intro, but if it's large and contains several parts, it's more of a demo, that sort of thing. Best guess will probably be good enough.

But I think first would be deciding what categories there are to choose from and what qualifies for that category. For example, intros are small and a single file run from the command-line. Off the top of my head, there would be 4k, 64k, and misc intros. 4k and 64k specifically are limited in size, usually for parties. "Misc" is everything else. They should be named "Intro - 4k" "Intro - 64k" and "Intro - Misc" so when sorted, the intros are all together, as opposed to "4k Intro" and "Misc Intro" (or whatever...) A trackmo would be designed to load seamlessly off the disk as it runs..

There is a lot more to go with all that, but that's just a couple suggestions to get the ball rolling.. I still don't know what really constitutes 'pack mags' and 'disk mags.'

As for working on the project, I would think if we can get some folks together we could assign it by letter. Someone starts with the A's, someone with N's, etc and after a month, post results and changes. I'd think a time would need to be set, in case something comes up and someone isn't able to continue, new people want to help, etc. I don't know about merging the databases, but perhaps broken up like that by letters would help. (i.e. after a month, I upload a database of A-C entries, someone else uploads D-F, etc etc)

And, of course, this sounds a lot easier than it is. There's looking up the information (year, if it was in a party, etc) plus actually running it to be sure it works, to be sure it is what we think it is, what type of demo it is, etc...
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