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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
In the UK you are legally allowed to back up what you own, this is a right, any company that denies this right to the consumer in a sale is infact braking the law...

this includes

software *protection* that denies or inhibts its use or copying.

you dont have to believe me, just send an email to trading standards and they will tell you this.


I feel as though Micheal has really put himself in the firing line, theres been a lot of bullying of sites that offer *technically* copyright material, when no one can prove whom owns it.

This really doesnt endear him to a community that he serves even if he is a nice bloke.

the AF package is a good one, however, its drastically over priced. BUT IF it included Classic Workbench setups ready to rock with WHDload games installed as a one in all product, well then maybe it could be worth the $50 price tag.

Without the roms AF is just a TOSEC collection with a couple of vids i can watch on youTube. so heres the questions I would ask Micheal -

"Whom gets the money from the licensed roms anyway?"
"Does the original license that cloanto purchase ever run out?"
"What is the cut in royalties that you are paying? and to whom?"
"Can I have a license to distribute Kickstart ROMS?"
"Why should Coanto have an exsclusive license and no other company?"
"Have you heard of trade discrimination?"

nah, your not allowed to copy copyrighted material. Period. Without permission from the copyright holder you are only entitled to use what you have bought. On no disclaimer i have ever seen, movie, song, game does it say "sure make a copy for your own use, just in case your original gets scratched"
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