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As far as you all know. I will always support Cloanto and the Amiga Forever series as well as the C64 Forever. You don't have to buy it.
It's America (well some of you don't live in the US) and its a free country.

But personally, Cloanto poured their blood, sweat, tears to create an outstanding package of preservation. That's just my own personal opinion.

Well I'm the right customer for Amiga Forever because I never owned a real Amiga and I'm not an Ebay buyer. I was exposed to the Amiga in 2003 via Amiga Forever 3.0. You can call me part of the Emulation generation. I'm not a hardware purist, but I do have respect for the original Amiga developers and contributors. I don't hate Cloanto, I breathe, Sleep, and Eat Cloanto. I wouldn't be happy without Amiga Forever.
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