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I find even more interesting joysticks! First is the classic TANK stick, which is still available from The Gamesmen as it was years ago when it had an Amiga plug on it. These days it connects to a 360, but they probably have other models too -

And them there's the Self Arcade stick, which is the one I use on my Playstation 2, this guy is selling one but it looks like one of the analogue ball things is broken. They ALWAYS break on these Self sticks, so there's not much point trying to use them. The rest of the Self arcade stick is great though, really solid! -

Also, I've now found out that those first joysticks I posted about aren't Hori knockoffs, but a new similar looking stick made by Mayflash/Elecom. Here's what they say about them:

"PC owners wanting arcade controls no longer have to pick between cheap rubbish, cabinet-sized monsters or spending $100 on the smaller X-Arcade. Elecom’s JC-AS01BK controller finally fills a niche that, in all seriousness, should never have needed to be filled."

That seems very true, I've been looking for good arcade joysticks for ages and they're either really cheap crappy ones or super expensive ones. This one is priced nicely!

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