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Originally Posted by daznic View Post
Anyone know anything about Dreamcasts ?
This one I picked up from the boot sale powers on OK, then asks to set the date.
Pressing any button on the controller does not do anything.
There are two slots in the back of the controller for something to plug in to - they are both empty.
Am I missing anything obvious - or is it knackered ( Hence the £2 price I paid for it ! )
You can pick up dream cast games/controllers/mouse/keyboards for a couple of quid off ebay.

There are also plenty of emulators available. full speed Neo geo being the most notable, along with Amiga 500 and Atari ST emu's (which play nice with DC keyboard and mouse).

The two ports on the back of the controller are for a rumble pack, and the other for the VMU ( Visual memory card with built in screen and Dpad, for tiny portable games).

£2! good deal!
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