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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Amiga Kickstarts should be free, just like the Atari TOS roms. You can't earn money with it. The Amiga is dead since ages. I prefer to support companies like Individual computers, or the stores like Vesalia, Amigakit, Protovision etc.
agreed. Amstrad did the right thing with the ZX Spectrum, and released the roms to the community, in turn creating a thriving emulation scene.

I have a real problem with Cloanto charging such money for something they had -nothing- to do with the creation or development of. Sell their nicely reporoduced videos of the Amiga company at a push, but kickstarts and UAE? seems a bit much to me.

Originally Posted by IFW
Without adding anything to this argument I'd like to point out that I know at least one guy who was involved with developing the Amiga libraries as well as the hardware and he sure does not get any money from this...
the guy IFW refers to, sounds a lot more worthy of it.
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