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Today received my cu amiga compilation dvd in the post.The packaging comes in a standard 2 dvd case,the cover stating it is the complete collection.The cover itself seems to be made of glossy paper.

Since this is an unofficial compilation,the dvds are common supermarket DVD+R *maybe some people received them as -R'S too*

The contents-
After putting the dvds in.i release due to the sheer size and detail of the scan*the pages are scanned as jpegs btw* would take up a lot of space,so the dvds are split up from 1990-1993 to 1994-1998.The pages on close inspection are easy to read,the mag's cover mounted Floppys are included in the dvds as compressed ADF files.So they are easy to use and transfer but not all cover mount floppys are on dvd.Understandably,due to space reasons they could not include the covermount cds.

Value for money-
Buying all them magazines own their own would probably cost more than the dvd itself.and since some of us are stuck for makes the dvds valuable for reading if you want to reminisce on an issue.

The cover mount floppy's was a nice touch too.

Overall verdict-

At £12.99 which i may add includes the postage price,i consider this a good purchase,it maybe unofficial.But it is now preserved in digital form.a lot of loving care was put into making this dvd.Some people may find it annoying since they are saved as jpeg you cannot scroll with ease like with some magazines that are compiled in if you want all cu amiga magazines but do not have the space or little amount of money,this should be your first purchase.

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