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I don't hate them either. In fact as the owner of Classicamiga they send me a free copy of each new release of Amiga Forever for me to evaluate to see how their project is progressing.

And as an Amiga package it is a great product with the ability to boot into a Linux based emulation of the Amiga directly from the CD. To install and run a preconfigured WinUAE based emulation on your system and to use their own player frontend to load games and demos without needing to know how to setup and configure the emulator (although the frontend is very unstable and crashes a lot!).

Plus the inclusion of the videos in the premium edition is great for any long term fan of the Amiga to watch.

However I do have some ethical issues regarding Amiga Forever.

If you dissect the contents of the whole Amiga Forever package, what is Cloanto actually sellings its customers? The answer is a lot of hard work developed and created by others commercially in the distant past (the kickstart roms and the OS, old commercial games, demos and other software), and a lot more hard work developed by the Amiga community in their spare time for free (WinUAE etc) or made for free (the videos).

Do all of these people get any share of the money Amiga Forever is selling for? I very much doubt it.

Cloanto are really just packaging up the best bits of the Amiga and selling them on a DVD. And are their contributions their own, or repackaged and rebranded software from others? (their WinUAE frontend, the CD booting Amiga environment etc). The one saving grace in my view is the Amiga Explorer software to connect a PC to an Amiga to transfer ADFs to disk and back. That software is worth money in itself.

There has been a very long running argument over the kickstart roms now getting very old, and although there is the argument that 3.1 is still needed to make the still commercial AmigaOS 3.9 work, it is quite a thin argument. There is no commercial value in any of the older kickstart versions, other than the one Cloanto is cashing in on by having this exclusive right to distribute them. How did they get this exclusive right? And why does it seem to be so exclusive to just them?

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
"Whom gets the money from the licensed roms anyway?"
"Does the original license that cloanto purchase ever run out?"
"What is the cut in royalties that you are paying? and to whom?"
"Can I have a license to distribute Kickstart ROMS?"
"Why should Coanto have an exsclusive license and no other company?"
"Have you heard of trade discrimination?"
I would like to also know the answer to these questions. Especially regarding who is getting what from the purchase price of Amiga Forever.

And are any of the makers and developers of the completely free products they are using such as WinUAE actually getting anything from the sale to aid them in continued development. Basically do they get royalties for their work actually being sold for profit?
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