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Which Arcade Stick?

Hello boy and girls, i need your expert opinions on a subject i am sure many of you are familiar with as children of the 70's,80's & 90's and that is "Arcade Joysticks"!!

Now we have all used them, we all know the feel and the responsiveness an Arcade stick can bring and that is something i would like to get back

Now, i don't plan to go buy and an arcade cabinet and make a big MAME style machine, but ever since we adopted the SNES, Megadrive & MAME as part of our EAB gaming compo's as the gaming platforms of choice, i have found myself resigned to using a Joypad which i despise using because i am just hopeless with it! I am not against others using Joypads but i find that i suck with them, so.............................

What is a GREAT USB Arcade stick i can use on the PC that will sit on my desk and give me back my control and Arcade feel !?!? ... What do you guys recommend!?
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