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Originally Posted by AmigaBoingBall View Post
Very interesting point. Apple did this too with Mac OS X.
Darwin (open source) was used as a foundation and Aqua as a interface.

Amiga Forever uses Winuae (open source) because it is very stable. but they use The Player as an interface for the newbies, nongamers, and those who are laxed gamers. Similar to Nintendo as well, but they took
Gamecube technology, upd it twice, added a motion remote and channels.
People bought it. Its really how that market nowadays work.

Many Amiga people think that Cloanto is evil. But I think really
they are not. At least you paying for Amiga ROMS, your supporting the Amiga Community rather than stealing from it. But thats just my opinion.
I love your analogy with the Gamecube. Makes perfect sense! Do you have the link to the free, open-source Gamecube program?

As for supporting the Amiga Community, I do not see in anyway whatsoever how buying kickstart roms is supporting the community.
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