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Awesome collection there, laffer! ^_^

I have a fair few originals going round atm, but not as well treated as yours I'm afraid.

I have so far.....

* A jewel case of MI1 Sega CD (used to have the box but I don't know where that went).
* A jewel case (with cover) of MI1 FM Towns (again, used to have the box but that mysteriously disappeared long ago). Cost me £87 on eBay a few years ago!
* MI1 PC, 256 colours floppy version (original retail).
* MI1 PC, 256 colours floppy version (Kixx XL budget).
* MI1 Atari ST (original retail).
* MI1 Amiga (Kixx XL budget).
* MI2 Amiga (original retail).
* MI2 Amiga (Kixx XL budget).
* LucasArts Archives Volume 3 (this includes amongst other CDs the Monkey Island Madness disc).
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