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Originally Posted by cybernoid View Post
I have some problems finding original c64 games - most of them are cracked. So how are the games included: cracked or original? I read that we can upload more games via c64 forever - again - originals or cracked?
If you're generally after original C64 games, you could look no further than...

The ULTIMATE C64 Tape Page (select 'Search' on the left-hand menu, set the 'Filetyp' to either 'Originale' or 'Tapes', then click the button afterwards to produce a list of original disks or tapes.)
Elysium FTP's C64 collection (HTTP mirror, but with not as many games as the FTP)

And lastly, the current Gamebase 64 V5 set has a big set of originals in its Extras section (which is 3GB+). You just need to find a torrent site which hosts said set. I got mine from Underground Gamer, personally.
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