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Welcome to EAB Jason and thanks for replying.

I'll post the answer here since, after reading it, I believe there is nothing that should remain private (if you think differently please notify me).
Hi there.

Thank you for your continued interest in our labor of love from the 90's.

I'm not entirly sure why the game never made it into production, pretty sure it was very nearly completed and Psygnosis pulled out.

As far as I remember, a SNES port was a possibility but an Amiga version was never on the cards.

However, I can understand how the look and feel of the game comes across as more Amiga than Console. This was probably because I was inspired by the Bitmap Brothers graphic style back then, Other inspirations were games such as R-Type (for the ship) C64 version of Turrican, Super Ghosts and Goblins (for the centurion) Starwing/Starfox (for the 3D bonus game)

The Game was programmed on 486 PC's by Bill and Pete, while I used Deluxe Paint II and III on an Amiga 1200 with RAM upgrade for Graphics and Animation.

Bill actually worked on an Amiga title before RESQ, remember this "'s_Tomato_Game"

Hope this info is useful and get in touch if you have anymore questions.

Cheers, Jason.

Here is the link to all the games Bill Pullan is credited for in HOL:
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