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Demobase Amiga Discussion

Hi all,

It's been a few weeks so it's time to discuss it yes?

First:As you all know(i think) i'm gonna get married in 3 weeks!

So i don't know exactly how much time i can work on this project.....

Maybe you all heard of Gamebase vic-20?
I did the first release to encourage the community to continue
this project so after the GBVicV01 i talked to Mayhem and we agreed
that he would take over the project because he's the man for it!

That worked out well,there's gonna be a V2 very soon !!

Now for Demobase Amiga,,I am not leaving this project !

But you all know i cannot do this GIGANTIC project by myself ....

So it's a good thing too start talking about the project,
i surely gonna need some help with this one.

I hope you all are enjoying the first BETA release .

It's just a beginning cause there are lots of things that have to be done.

For exampl:

Edit Database for sorting Demo/Intro/Slideshow/Trackmo etc etc.
Edit Database for sorting Party's/Entries
Edit Database for Groups/Year

Sorting out the NON working Demos.
And lots of other info.

For the Time being i've continued configging demos(8100).

The thing that comes to mind is,Is it possible to work on this
Database simultaniously>?>I mean >can WE do things(jobs)
at the same time and then merge the MDB'S?

Or do we have to work in phases?(if i can find people for it).

What other things need to be done to make this Demobase
THE Demobase for the Amiga?

Please give me your input guys because i'm no pro.

LET'S START THE DISCUSSION>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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