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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Of course that would be a paid download. Shouldn't be a big problem nowadays and you would use them with an emulator anyway. Cheers for talking to Michael about it
he's a very understanding person. I've been talking to him since that day i got my Amiga Forever 2008, I accidently got his email when I had said I didn't get my shipment in time. But from then on, we're good friends.

This Kickstart series download thing would be good for the community instead of illegally torrenting it, until an open source equiv. appears. Plus, this helps the tech economy in a way because we are buying again, creates jobs, etc. The people I don't trust is Amiga Inc., I think Amiga Inc. is very crazy and selfish. I mean I have a copy of OS 3.9 from H&P, but personally Amiga Inc. doesn't even come out with anything new. Except for that crummy snowball maker thingie.
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