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Anyone from Finland and subscribed to MBNet?

Just thought I'd ask because of one thing.

When I'm trying to find the most obscure DOS demos I recall from my memory, there's a good chance that the only workable google results will come from a foreign site named Now, they have an impressively huge library of stuff you mostly can't get anywhere else, which would greatly benefit someone like myself.

Only problem..... they don't allow Joe Public to download whatever they like. You have to be 1) registered to their site, and 2) subscribed to their magazine.

Now, through sneaky tactics and the use of Google Translate, I got as far as registering a spare account. Then my heart dropped when I reached the page showing the subscription packages. Their yearly charges are way too dear for someone like me who wouldn't even be able to read a single word of it, and especially considering I only want to use their library.

So yes, anyone able to help out? I did have one guy in the past who helped to retrieve a few things for me but I eventually lost contact with him, and the e-mail addy he used before is no longer workable.

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