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Originally Posted by talybont View Post
How come you have Patchmath020_All and Romfixes2 in two places?
good question. i guess it doesnt hurt. IIRC, the patches gets applied to those rom-components and wont stay in the finished rom.
while buidling the new rom in remus, they just scans for patchable structures and apply patches where possible.
i just added them twice because once for the main rom and then for the second (exented) one. so the patches can get applied on both roms.

Edit: already mentioned, but again some infos:
Main Rom: ROMBase $F80000 | ROMSize 512 -> must have "1MB_ROM" patch right after the exec.library
Ext. Rom: ROMBase $E00000 | ROMSize 512 -> must have "romheader" as first entry

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