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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Nice one prowler

Presumably the 9306 & 9403 are YYMM and are sequenced alike. This is just so I know for sure, as the covers I'm doing are using CD01 onwards. Other than that, everything is perfect
Hi DH,

I've fixed the naming convention in the latest attachment. The files are now called Aminet CD01 (9306).txt, Aminet CD02 (9403).txt, Aminet CD03 (9407).txt, etc.

The archive now contains the first three entries. I have edited the CD02 listing a couple of times, but these first three are now 'frozen'.

BTW, I know you can't really change the colour of the EAB Boing Ball or logo, bit I think it would be an idea to change the background colour in a cycle for the series, i.e. CD01 Blue, CD02 Red, CD03 Green, CD04 Purple, CD05 Turquoise, CD06 Orange, CD07 Yellow, and then repeat them. It's just an idea, but of course you will probably want to do something different.

I'm pleased you like the format of the lists. Actually, it's not altogether different from what appears on the official covers, but what other realistic choice do we have?


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