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Amiga Newbe here!!!

Complete newbe folks, so be gentle!!

Never had an Amiga "back in the day", always wanted one, but they were too pricey for my poor self.

So, when I saw an Amiga3000 pretty cheap on Ebay I snached the sucker! It's arriving tomorrow and I have a billion questions!

Please, feel free to direct me to old threads, as I'm sure a lot of these were asked before..

Here we go:

I really don't remember if this machine comes with an HD, from the auction, in my haste I paid for it and now it's closed so I can't even see...

In case that it doesn't...

What kind of HD does the A3000 takes? SCSI? IDE? How does one install workbench to the HD and have the machine boot from it?
I have Amiga forever +, so I can transfer images to floppies; One quick side question. Did anybody have a problem with Amiga forever where windows would basically freeze as soon as you tried to access a folder with amiga images? I deleted a startup app put in by it and it seemed to solve the problem...

Are there any incompabilities I should be aware of as far as software? Mainly games, of course (he he).

Can I install lightwave without the toaster? I really wanna play with it, I'm a semi-pro 3D modeler, and I'm just curious

That's it for right now, enough to get me started. I'm sure I'll have many other dumb questions in the future!
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